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 Aisha Campbell


Name: Aisha Campbell.
D.O.B.: 21st July.
Also Known As: Yellow Power Ranger, Yellow Ninja.
From: New York, lived in Stone Canyon before moving to Angel Grove.
Introduced: In "The Ninja Encounter Pt 1".  She helped to rescue a baby in Angel Grove park.
Became a Power Ranger: When Trini left for the Peace Conference.
Replaced by: Tanya Sloan during her zeo quest.  Aisha stayed in Africa to help the sick animals.
Personality: Cheerful, enthusiastic, caring and friendly.
Hobbies and Skills: Singing, song writing, music, shopping, animal care.

 Karan Ashley

D.O.B.:28th September 1975.
From: Dallas, born in Odessa, Texas.
Resume: TV: "Walker, Texas Ranger", "Scratch TV", "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers", "Hangin' With Mr. Cooper".
Film: "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie"
Singing: Part of the singing group KRUSH.  They appeared on the soundtrack for "Mo' Money"
On her ambitions:
"I just plan on becoming a singer-dancer-actress-model-choreographer-
producer-director- and just really get into the movies."
Quick Facts:
She threw up while filming MMPR:TM.