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NAME: Alexandra "Alex" Jamison

COLOR: Purple

NATIONALITY: Scottish-American

AGE: 17

HEIGHT: 5'2"

HAIR: Black

EYES: Blue

POWER SOURCE: Psi-powered. A power coin provides morphing abilities and amplifies psi-powers.

WEAPON: bo staff

ZORD: Artemis, Owl Zord

SPECIAL SKILLS: Psi-powers--telekinetic, able to release a psychic blast, telepathic

Alex serendipitously discovered her latent psi-powers during a battle against the Cogs. With training from Zordon and Alpha, Alex learned to harness and control her psychic powers. Zordon created the Purple Ranger's power coin and protective armor by siphoning off and combining the remaining energy off the Power Rangers' old power coins. Alex's natural psychic abilities make up most of her powers.