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 Ashley Hammond


Name: Ashley Hammond
Also known as: Yellow Turbo Ranger, Yellow Space/Astro/Space Ranger
Introduced: In "A Drive to Win".  Was a cheerleader for Angel Grove High School.
Became a Power Ranger: after Tanya Sloan retired.
Personality:  bubbly, upbeat
Hobbies and Skill: cheerleading, dancing, designing clothes.

  Tracy Lynn Cruz

Name: Tracy (not Tracey) Lynn Cruz
D.O.B.: 29th January 1976
From: San Diego, California
Hobbies and Skills: dancing and singing
Resume: TV: Power Rangers Turbo, Power Rangers in Space
"Tell all my fans to write me. (I love getting fan mail!)"
Quick Facts:
She likes Mariah Carey
She learnt about the audition for Power Rangers Turbo through Johnny Yong Bosch

info taken from:
The Official Tracy Lynn Cruz Homepage