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*sniff* I'd like to thank...

Internet Friends (in alphabetical order)


Blockbuster and brains, all rolled into one.  Plus she's one of the few chicks I can talk to about PR, heck, one of the few chicks that even watches PR (for non-hormonal reasons at least).

Poseur/Dante/whatever friggin nick he's using at the moment:

We did the Driving Miss Daisy thing last year, for which I am eternally grateful.   Watch for TheWillis 5000, coming soon to a music store near you.


Yes, I keep stealing webpage ideas from this guy.  At least I don't take pictures.  Prime candidate to lead the Saban empire in a few years.

(Half the time I can't keep up with these guys, but their patience and acceptance make me want to be the best I can.)
</ego stroking>