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 Jason Scott

Name: Jason Lee Scott.
D.O.B.: 20th October.
Also Known As: Red Power Ranger, Gold Ranger.
From: California.
Family: One cousin, Jeremy.
Introduced: In "Day of the Dumpster".  Was first seen sparring with Zack.
Became a Power Ranger: After being chosen by Zordon.
Replaced by: Rocky De Santos.  Jason left to attend a peace conference.
Returned: To assume the powers of the Gold Ranger.
Personality: Bold, impatient, with a "macho attitude".
Hobbies and Skills: Martial arts.
Romance: Emily.

 Austin St. John

D.O.B.: 17th September 1974.
From: New Mexico, though being an army brat, he moved around a lot as a kid.
Siblings: One brother.
Resume: TV: "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers", "Power Rangers Zeo".
            Film: "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie".
On what he looks for in a partner:

"I like a girl who's into being active, being outdoors, playing sports, having fun."
On martial arts:
"Aside from the physical demands, it also allows me to develop inner strength which builds character."
Quick Facts:
His childhood hero was Spiderman.
He wrote a book on martial arts.