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Name: Justin Stewart.
Family: Only his dad, his mother died a few years earlier.
Introduced: In Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie.  Was first seen on the Little Angels bus.
Became a Power Ranger: After Rocky injured his back.  Justin discovered the ranger's identities while hiding under Rocky's hospital bed.
Retired: When the rangers had to leave Earth.  Justin didn't want to leave his dad who had only recently returned to Angel Grove.
Hobbies and Skills: Martial arts, is a certified genius.

 Blake Foster


D.O.B.: 29th May 1985.
From: Northridge, California.
Resume: TV: "Days of Our Lives", "Power Rangers Turbo", "Boy Meets World".
Film: "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie", "Street Knight", "Rusty: The Great Rescue".
Quick Facts:
He's rated #1 in the world (apparently) for his age group in martial arts.
Information and pictures come from The Official Blake Foster Homepage