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Katherine Hillard

Name: Katherine Hillard
Also Known as: Pink Ranger, Pink Ninja, Zeo Ranger I, Pink Turbo Ranger, during her diving career, was also "The Sweetheart of Surrey Hills"
From: New South Wales, Australia
Came to Angel Grove: after her father transferred jobs.
Introduced: In "A Ranger Catastrophe, Pt 1".  Was able to change into the form a cat.
Met the Power Rangers: After becoming a spy for Rita Repulsa.  Was under an evil spell.
Became a Power Ranger: after Kimberly left for the Pan Global games.
Replaced by: Cassie Chan.
Personality: compassionate, gentle, loyal and caring.
Hobbies and Skills: Diving, singing, architecture, training dogs, surfing and ballet.
Romance: Dated Tommy Oliver.
Catherine Sutherland

Catherine Sutherland

D.O.B: 24th October 1974 in Sydney, Australia
Siblings: One half-brother and two half-sisters, all older
Hobbies and Skills : Has studied dancing since age 4, piano since age 11 and acting since age 16.
Resume: TV: "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers", "Power Rangers Zeo", "Power Rangers Turbo", "Sweet Valley High".
Stage: Ophelia in Hamlet
Film: "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie"
On America
"Here, on a date, the guys usually pay your way, open doors for you, and take care of you for the evening. It's not always that way at home. I love being treated like a lady."
On her audition for Power Rangers
"When I did the audition, it included a 30 second martial arts work-out and I had NO idea what I was doing. But I must have bluffed because here I am."
Quick Facts:
She'd like to work with Gary Oldman
Her favourite movie is Breakfast at Tiffany's