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The Nitpickers Guide for Power Rangers in Space

The format for each entry is: place the error occurred, time in episode the error occurred : what the actual error is. A couple of nitpicks are in a different format to this, but everything should be understandable. The terms beginning, middle, end refer to the nitpick's placing in the episode, roughly equating to: before the monster arrives, while the monster is around, and after the monster is destroyed respectively.

A Ranger Among Thieves
When Push Comes to Shove
The Craterite Invasion
The Wasp With A Heart
The Delta Discovery
The Great Evilyzer
The Barillian Sting
T.J.'s Identity Crisis

Flashes of Darkonda

To be finished soon...
* Feel free to print this guide as long as all headers remain intact and nothing is altered.
*If you have anything to add or dispute, mail me at You will be given full credit for any mistakes published here, so pull out the VCR and start searching. As there are guides for the other series and the movies, mistakes for those too are welcome.
Big thanks to Jason Takach for his contributions