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Power Rangers in Space

With the end of the Turbo Powers and the destruction of the Power Chamber, Ashley, Carlos, Cassie and T.J. are forced to look to the stars for their survival.  Upon learning Zordon has been  captured by the Grand Monarch of Evil, Dark Spectre, the teens, along with Alpha 6,  head into space with the aid of NASADA and a space shuttle.

Not long after leaving the Earth's orbit, the teens find themselves face-to-face with an unidentifiable space craft.  With no choice but to go aboard, they quickly discover this "Astro Megaship" is inhabited by a Red Ranger named Andros, with his only companion being the computer DECA.  Andros is racing against the clock to free Zordon before the power is drained completely, but still this mysterious new ranger wishes to work alone.

"We're all in this together." With Cassie's words echoing in his mind, Andros eventually accepts the necessity of working with the planetary rangers, and provides them with their own Astro Morphers.  With the entry code 3-3-5, the teens are transformed  into a force to be reckoned with, with new powers and weapons.

Fulfilling their duty to protect the Earth, yet ever mindful of the quest to free Zordon, the Power Rangers battle Astronema, the Princess of Evil and Dark Spectre's chosen warrior.  The race is on, and for the first time, the Power Rangers are fighting from the position of underdog.  Will good prevail?