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"Think Pink"

by: Akiko

**STOP! If you haven't read my other fan fic, you are probably going to be confused.**

"Think Pink" Part 1

After school, the teens head to the park for some fun and relaxation. Kat and Tonya spread their towels out on the grass and then stretch out in the warm California sunshine. Farther behind them, Rocky sits at a picnic table trying to study for his Calculus test. He keeps getting distracted by all of the hub bub around him. Tommy, Adam, and Alexandra are about 10 yards in front of the girls. The guys are attempting to show Alex some new moves.

"Okay, now try this one." Tommy says throwing a series of punches and kicks at Adam, who nimbly blocks them all. Tommy finishes the routine with a roundhouse kick that barely missed Adam's head.

"I'll try." Alex says and repeats Tommy's routine all the way through. Just as she lands her roundhouse kick, Adam does a low leg sweep. Alex falls heavily onto her butt.

"That was pretty good, until the end." Tommy encourages, giving Alex a hand up off the grass.

"You were off balance at the end." Adam instructs.

"Obviously." Alex says, brushing stray grass clippings off her jean shorts.

"Let's try it again." Tommy suggests.

Kat and Tonya watch as Alex repeats the exercise over and over--each time landing on her butt. Kat winces as Alex hits the grass again.

"Ouch! Boy, Alex sure is determined, if nothing else." Kat comments.

"If nothing else." Tonya mumbles under her breath, never opening her eyes. The last couple of weeks, Tonya has been trying really hard to like Alex, but she hasn't quite convinced herself yet.

"Tonya, are you jealous?" Kat says in a low voice, so Rocky won't over hear.

"No. It's just that since Alex arrived on the scene, Adam doesn't seem to have time to do anything with me anymore. We were going to shoot another video, but he never has time."

"You ARE jealous." Kat chuckles.

"I know Zordon instructed Adam to work hard with Alex to bring her up to our level but I think he is taking his job a little too seriously." Tonya complains.

"If it makes you feel any better, I was kinda wishing that I could get that kind of one-on-one attention myself. Tommy doesn't seem to notice that I exist. He's still pining for Kim. Let's face it. She's gone and she's not coming back. Time to get over it and move on." Kat adds her own complaint.

Tonya starts to complain back, but quickly stops as Alex comes up to them and sits down, gently.

"I give up!" Alex says, "I probably have a bruise the size of a dinner plate on my butt by now."

The other girls grumble a response, irritated at the intrusion. Tommy and Adam resume sparring at a higher physical level. Alex sits in awe.

"Aren't they incredible?" Alex comments, impressed at the magnitude of their skill.

"Yeah, incredible." Tonya answers sarcastically and Kat rolls her eyes. Alex has already picked up on their negative vibes. She wants to be friends with these girls, but she feels like she is being pushed away.

"What did I do?" Alex thinks, "I know that Tonya and Adam have a small history together, but he said that things didn't work out. Maybe he was the one that decided it?" Her thoughts are interrupted as Rocky flops down in the middle of the group of girls.

"And how are you lovely ladies today?" he asks.

"Fine." Alex and Kat say unenthusiastically.

"Peachy." Tonya can't get rid of her sarcasm.

Rocky looks confused at her response but continues, "So, are you guys going to the big dance on Friday?"

"Seems I don't have a boyfriend, I think I would look pretty stupid going stag." Kat complains.

"Ditto." answers Tonya.

"You don't have to have a boyfriend to go, you know." Alex adds.

"Easy for you to say, Alex." Tonya answers sharply, "You've got one."

"Don't define yourself by who you are dating. Whether or not you have a boyfriend doesn't make you less of a person. You should make it a 'Ladies Night' out of it. That way you can dance with anyone you want." Alex gives the pair a pep talk. She seems to get through to Kat, whose face brightens. Tonya still looks doubtful.

"Yeah." Rocky puts his two cents in and swings an arm around both Kat and Tonya, "Put me on both of your dance cards."

"And me." Tommy adds with a smile, only catching the end of the conversation. Kat looks a little more hopeful and even Tonya cracks a smile.

"Hey, Adam, want to work on my video tonight?" Tonya asks hopefully.

"Sorry, I can't. I already promised Alex that we would study for our Chem test together tonight. Maybe tomorrow?" Adam replies.

"Yeah, maybe." Tonya says dejected.

Adam doesn't seem to realize that he has hurt Tonya's feelings, but Alex catches it. She plans to talk to Adam later that night about having him clear the air with Tonya. Alex is sick of being in the middle.

"I've got to get going." Alex says while getting up. She gives Adam a hand up, "I am going to go home and put an ice pack on my aching rear!" Alex laughs and the others join her.

The Rangers are in the Command Center as the siren goes off.

"Rangers, King Mondo has sent you another adversary. In the park, you will find his latest creation, Quick Sand. You must go immediately. Many people are in danger." Zordon's voice booms.

"I'll keep working ont he solar cannon. If you need it, give me a call." Billy says.

"Thanks pal. IT'S MORPHIN TIME!" Tommy yells.

"Zeo Ranger 1, Pink!"

"Zeo Ranger 2, Yellow!"

"Zeo Ranger 3, Blue!"

"Zeo Ranger 4, Green!"

"Zeo Ranger 5, Red!"

"Power Ranger 6, Purple!" Alex is the last to yell. Her power is the only one that does not come from a Zeo crystal. Instead, her natural telekinetic power is what protects her from King Mondo's forces.

Angel Grove residents are screaming and heading out of the park as the Rangers appear on the scene. They see Quick Sand surrounded by a patrol of Cogs.

"Let's do it guys!" Tommy yells encouragement. They decide to take on the Cogs first. Each Ranger has at least one to contend with. Busy with the Cogs, the Rangers do not see that Quick Sand has dissolved itself down into a puddle onto the grass. Three Cogs push Tommy backwards unsuspectingly into the pile of sand. His boot hits the pile and he feels it give way. The pile of sand soars up suddenly around Tommy, engulfing him. His white gloves are the only thing that can be seen of him.

"Tommy!" Kat yells and runs for him.

"I'll get him!" Rocky yells and charges the pile of sand. He grabs one of the out-stretched hands and tugs. Soon the sand has engulfed the pair.

"Billy, come in!" Adam says into his communicator while dodging punches, "We need your new invention NOW! And be quick about it!"

"I'll be right there." Billy responds, "It's heavy. It will take both of us to hold it steady."

Meanwhile, Tonya and Alex take on a patrol of Cogs, oblivious to what has happened. For once, the two girls work as a team--back to back, taking out one Cog at a time.

"Alex! Watch out!" Tonya warns as a Cog releases a blast aimed at Alex. Alex flips agilely out of the way. The blast instead lands in front of Tonya. The force of the explosion sends her spralling towards the infamous rock in the park--the one that Alex collided with only a month ago. Using her telekinetic abilities, Alex "catches" Tonya before she hits the rock and "places" her gently onto the ground.

"Thanks, I owe you one." Tonya says.

"We're even." Alex replies.

Billy teleports into the park near Adam with the solar cannon.

"That THING has got Tommy and now Rocky." Adam brings Billy up to speed.

"Give me a hand with this thing, Adam. It's heavy." Billy says while bending down to lift the cannon, "If we blast it at its base, maybe it will let go of them."

"Kat!" Tonya yells at the panicked girl, but she doesn't move, "KAT! We could use some help over here!" Tonya and Alex are both breathing heavily. Every time they think they have a leg up on King Mondo's droids, new ones seem to appear. Kat snaps back to reality and heads for the other girls. The trio resumes combat.

Adam and Billy groan as they lift the heavy weapon to shoulder level.

"Wait 'til the cannon comes on line--it will glow red. Then push the button." Billy instructs.

"What are they doing?" Adam wonders aloud as a pair of Cogs run past them. The Cogs grab a handful of Quick Sand and charge at the guys. They throw the sand at the pair. Adam's helmet protects his eyes, but Billy is vulnerable. Billy releases the solar cannon to try to clear his blinded eyes. Adam soon collapses under the weight of the cannon. He hears a loud crack as he hits the grass. Luckily, the armor in his suit protects him. The crack comes from the solar cannon, and not his leg which is pinned underneath it. Adam tries to free himself. He can see Quick Sand melting down and heading their way at lightning speed. Billy is still trying to remove the sand from his eyes when he hears,

"Billy! Watch out!" Kat sees Quick Sand grab one of Billy's feet. It knocks him off of his feet and reels him into the large pile of sand before she can get to him. Adam begins to panick, and tugs harder to free himself.

"Alex!" he yells. He knows that it is going to take her combined physical and mental powers to set him free.

All three girls run to help their fallen friend.

"Hurry!" Adam urges them and then adds to Quick Sand, "I am not going to be your lunch!" This does not seem to phase Quick Sand as it latches on to Adam's boot. The weight of the cannon on top of Adam buys him some more time. Tonya gets to him first and pushes with all of her might to roll the cannon off of Adam. Adam brushes in vain at the invading sand. It is above his knee already and rising fast. Kat runs to behind Adam. She wraps her arm underneath one of Adam's arms and across his chest. She digs her heels into the ground and pulls. Kat begins a tug-of-war with Quick Sand, Adam as the rope.

"One...two...THREE!" Alex says to Tonya. The pair physically, and Alex mentally pushes the cannon off Adam's leg and onto the grass. Though they have made it easier for themselves, they have also made it easier for Quick Sand. As soon as the added weight is gone, it gives a large tug and Adam slips from the girls' grasps. Alex dives for one of Adam's flailing hands.

"OW!" Alex exclaims as she is roughly dragged head first through the grass for 50 feet. She puts on her mental breaks and comes to a sharp stop. However, Adam doesn't.

"ADAM!" Alex screams in horror as she is left holding only one of his gloves. The sand quickly engulfs him and he is gone. Alex lies in the grass stunned. Then laser fire whizzes over her head causing her to duck.

"Get up, Alex! Before we lose you too!" Tonya orders. Alex rolls out of the way as Kat fires at a trail of sand heading her way. Alex joins the other girls in a fighting stance. They have no idea what to do next. Everything so far has failed miserably.

A sudden flash in the sky blinds them. When they are able to refocus, Quick Sand and the guys are gone. All that remains from the encounter is a shiny disk. The girls run to it. Kat bends down to pick it up.

"Wait!" Tonya warns, "It could be a trap."

"Let me get it." Alex says, "Stand back." Alex "lifts" the object off the ground. The movement triggers a holographic, 3-D image. King Mondo appears.

"Well, well, well ladies. Seems like you are in a bit of a bind." Mondo says with a wicked laugh.

"Return the guys NOW!" Kat demands, "Or else...."

"Or else what, Pink Zeo Ranger?" King Mondo taunts, "I'm not an unreasonable machine. I'll bargin with you. Be here at 4 o'clock today to trade."

"We don't make deals with the enemy!" Tonya says defiantly.

"You'd better make an exception, Yellow Zeo Ranger...." the image of King Mondo is replaced by an image of the four guys, in their unmorphed states. They are securely anchored in sand. The picture focuses in on Adam and Tommy. The girls see the sand rising up around the pair, beginning to suffocate them--drowning them in sand. The picture zooms in closer to Adam.

"I...can't...breathe...." he says gasping. Alex's and Tonya's hearts begin to break.

The picture switches to Tommy who gasps, ""

Kat reaches out to the image, but it switches back to King Mondo.

"Four o'clock, ladies." he reminds them and disappears.

The girls are stunned.

King Mondo laughs to himself. He knows exactly how to push their buttons. "Humans are so weak." he thinks...........

Think Pink Part II

"Zordon, what are we going to do?" Kat asks anxiously, pushing a lock of blond hair out of her eyes.

"You know what Mondo wants--your Zeo crystals. He already has the guys'. All he needs now is your two's." Alex figures.

"If Orbus makes Quick Sand grow, we're toast!" Tonya adds, "And with out the guys, we can't pull our zords together."

"I guess all we can do now is wait." Kat replies gloomily.

"You know that we are going to be called into battle again. We need a plan." Alex says.

"Billy's new invention may help, but it got broken in the last battle. Anybody know how to fix it?" Tonya asks.

"Not me." Kat answers.

"Not me." Alex echoes.

"And unfortunately, not me either. Now what?" Tonya continues, "Zordon, we need a super brain replacement about now."

"I may have the perfect person for the job." Zordon's voice booms into the Control Room, "Female Rangers, return to the park and see if you can collect a sample of Quick Sand."

"We're on our way." Kat says optimistically, while grabbing an empty test tube out of Billy's lab area.

The girls look around the battle site for reminants of Quick Sand.

"Hey, Kat!" I found something!" Tonya yells. The other two girls run over to where Tonya is crouched on the grass. She points to a tiny pile of sand spread out on the grass.

"How are we going to get THAT into here?" Kat asks, holding the test tube close to the ground.

"I got an idea. If I can lift large objects, surely I can lift tiny ones." Alex looks around to make sure no bystanders can see her. She removes the plug from the test tube and proceeds to "lift" the grains of sand into the glass tube.

"Alright!" Tonya cheers, giving Kat a high five.

The trio teleports back to the Command Center with their sample. They over hear Zordon conversing with an unfamiliar person. Her back is turned to them. The stranger brushes a long, black braid over her shoulder.

"I agree, Zordon. With Billy's notes, I should be able to repair the solar cannon. When the other girls get back with the sample, I'll get that analysis running too." the mysterious girl says.

"We've got the sample." Alex says, holding out the vial as they approach the stranger. The stranger turns around and Tonya gasps.

"You're Trini Kwan!" Tonya exclaims as the smiling Asian girl takes the test tube from Alex. The name doesn't ring a bell with Alex, so Tonya explains, "She was the original Yellow Ranger!"

"Looks like someone has been boning up on their Power Ranger History." Trini jokes.

"I'm Tonya, the new Yellow Ranger." she explains and then hopes that she isn't rubbing it in.

"I'm Kat, the new Pink Ranger." she says, shaking Trini's hand.

"And I'm Alex--the one and only--Purple Ranger." she jokes while repeating the motion.

"Wow, I HAVE been out of the loop for a while. Where's Kimberly? I didn't know we had a Purple Ranger." Trini says bewildered.

"Ladies," Zordon booms to get their attention, "I'm afraid that you will have to reminisce later. We only have a few hours to prepare for your next battle."

"You're right, Zordon." Kat replies, picturing Tommy drowning in sand. "Welcome back, Trini. We're glad that you are back on our team."

"Thanks," she smiles, "Now let's get to work!"

"Tell me what you want me to do, and I will do it." Alex volunteers.

An hour passes and the girls are hard at work. Tonya and Kat are running a chemical analysis on their sample while Trini and Alex try to fix the solar cannon.

"Well, that settles it." Tonya says loudly to get everyone's attention, "Quick Sand is exactly what its name implies--sand."

"Silicon dioxide, to be more exact." Kat clarifies, reading a computer print out, "King Mondo is not very creative in the Name Department, is he?"

Trini lets out a cry of frustration and everyone looks at her. She slams her screwdriver on the table and removes her magnifying goggles.

"Is there a problem, Trini?" Zordon steps in.

"No. I just can't get this one piece put back together. The parts are so tiny that I keep dropping them inside the machine. I need one hand to hold the part, one to hold the screw, and one to screw the stupid thing in!" she replies frustrated.

"Maybe I can help." Alex offers.

"No. I need someone to hold the stupid cannon still so it won't roll off the table."

"No, really. I kind of have a third hand." Alex explains. Kat and Tonya look at each other knowingly. Only Trini looks skeptical.

"Let me put on the other pair of magnifying goggles and then tell me what you want done." Alex says, grabbing the goggles.

"Okay." Trini answers, still not convinced, "See that tiny oblong plate on the right next to the blue wire?"


"Place this piece on top of it, with the blue wire sandwiched in between and hold it in place with these tiny screws."

Trini gasps as she sees her instructions being carried out to the letter. She blinks several times, believing that her eyes are playing tricks on her. Kat and Tonya giggle.

"Done." Alex announces and removes her goggles.

"HOW did you do that?" Trini says in disbelief, looking like a strange bug with her magnifying goggles on.

"We only have time for the condensed version, Alex. We still don't have a battle plan." Kat warns.

"In a nut shell--you've probably noticed that I am telekinetic. There wasn't a sixth Zeo crystal for me, so Zordon and Alpha siphoned the remaining minute amount of power left on all the power coins, combined it, and transferred it to me. So I am mostly psi-powered and my power coin makes up the difference." Alex explains.

"But how did you get the psi powers?" Trini asks intrigued.

"That's a long one. After we kick Quick Sand's butt and save the guys, I'll buy you a smoothy and tell you the whole long story." Alex smiles and throws an arm around the shoulders of her new friend. "But first, we need a battle plan!"

Another hour passes. Alex is crashed out on the floor with her hands over her eyes trying to think of a plan. Trini gnaws on a pencil. Tonya massages her temples.

"I..can't...think...of..ANYTHING!" Kat says while gently beating her head on the Conference table.

"I think that's what our problem is. We're trying too hard." Trini suddenly leaps up and comes to the middle of the room. She takes a deep breath and begins a slow, balletic kata. The other girls are impressed. They look at each other, shrug, and decide to give it a try themselves. Soon all of them are repeating Trini's movements.

"Rangers, what are you doing?" Alpha's tinny voice asks when entering the room.

"Thinking." Kat answers.

The girls finish their kata and do a slow bow.

"Wow. You're still really good." Tonya complements Trini, "I'm sorry. That didn't come out right."

"No offense taken." Trini replies calmly, "Just because I didn't have to worry about being ambushed by Putties at the Peace Summit, didn't mean that I gave up on my martial arts training. I may not be as powerful anymore without my Sabertooth Tiger powers, but my form is better than ever before."

"Then maybe you can help me with Tommy's kata. I've been doing it over and over and I still can't do it like the guys do." Alex complains.

"Maybe that's what the problem is." Trini counsels, "You are trying too hard to be like the guys. Think pink."

"Think pink?"

"Yes, think pink. Be yourself. Find and use your own natural strengths. Show me the kata."

Alex repeats Tommy's kata.

"That looked fine to me. So what's the problem?" Trini asks.

"Adam always does a leg sweep on me at the very end and knocks me on my butt!" Alex says. Tonya and Kat stifle a laugh. "The last move leaves me off balance."

"That's because a hitch-kick style of a move would work better for you than a round house. Your center of balance is closer to the ground, giving you more stablility." Trini continues.

"Center of what?" Kat asks.

"Women have a lower center of balance than men do. Our center of balance is here in the pelvic cage. Men have a slightly different bone structure, therefore raising their center of balance to below the ribs. Alex, do the kata again and change the last move. I'll be Adam." Trini instructs.

The two girls square off for battle. Alex finishes the kata with a hitch kick. She sees Trini drop down for the leg sweep. Alex is able to rebound the energy going into the floor from her hitch kick to push back up and over Trini's leg.

"That was great!" Kat complements.

"I give your back flip a 10!" Tonya adds, finally feeling that they are moving towards a mutual friendship.

"GLASS!!!" Trini suddenly yells.

"Huh!?!?" the other girls say in unison.

"Heating silicon dioxide--sand--at high temperatures makes glass!" Trini says excitedly.

"The solar cannon can give us the heat, but I doubt that Quick Sand is going to stand still long enough for us to transform him into glass." Tonya explains.

The girls are stunned as Kat suddenly reaches over and dumps Tonya's glass of water into the floor.

"Hey! I wasn't finished drinking that!" Tonya complains.

Kat ignores her friend's complaint, concentrating on her new plan, "Alex, can you lift and contain this water off the floor?"

"Hmm? I don't know. I never tried it before." Alex says scratching her head. She takes a deep breath to clear her mind. She closes her eyes and concentrates on the puddle. She hears the other girls gasp. She opens her eyes to see a small sphere of water suspended in mid-air. "Cool!"

Like a pin bursting a balloon, the momentary lapse in concentration releases the sphere and water comes splashing back onto the floor. The girls jump back to keep from getting wet.

"Sorry, Alpha." Alex says sheepishly, "Guess I need to work on that skill a little more."

Then the sirens go off.

"No time." Kat says, "Quick Sand is in Angel Grove Park."

"But it's not 4 o'clock yet." Tonya complains at the unfairness.

"Just like King Mondo to try to pull a fast one on us." Alex says angrily.

"Don't worry. I think we're ready." Trini gives the girls a pep talk, "Let's quickly go over our battle plan."

Think Pink Part 3

With a chorus of "Hiyah", the three female Rangers arrive in the park, dressed for battle. King Mondo stands next to his latest creation.

"Okay, Mondo. We're here. What do you want?" Kat growls defiantly.

"Why your Zeo crystals, of course." King Mondo waves his staff at the girls.

"Told ya." Alex says, "Well guess what? You can't have 'em."

"I thought you might say that, so I brought a bargining chip." King Mondo points at the pile of sand beside him. Quick Sand melts down enough to uncover the guys. They are in their unmorphed states and gasp for air as the sand retreats. "As you can see, I hold their Zeo Crystals. Hand over your Zeo Crystals and Power Coin or Quick Sand smothers them to death."

"No deal!" Tonya yells, "Either you hand over the guys and their Zeo Crystals or you and your monstrosity return to the Machine Empire in pieces!"

Alex is impressed by Tonya's courage.

"Nice try Rangers, but you are in no condition to bargin."

"Then this is war! Prepare for battle! NOW!" Kat feels Tonya's confidence rubbing off on her and charges towards the mound of sand to release a struggling Tommy.

Tonya and Alex shrug at each other. That wasn't quite the plan, but they are glad to see that Kat is becoming more self-confident. Tonya charges into the battle with a "Hiyah" and King Mondo cowardly retreats to watch the battle from afar.

Alex grabs her staff from her hip and expands it. She decapitates several Cogs with her powerful blows. "Trini, we need you NOW!" Alex says into her communicator while doging the swings of Cogs.

"I'm there!" she hears Trini say.

"Quick Sand, smother them one by one, starting with Tommy!" King Mondo orders and laughs wickedly. He rolls the stolen Zeo Crystals in his palm.

"Watch it Kat!" Alex yells a warning and then invisions a wall between Kat and the tendril of sand ready to add her to its collection of humans. Kat hits the mental wall with a thud but so does the sand, and it disperses into the air.

"Sorry!" Alex says sheepishly, and then destroys an offensive Cog with her staff.

"Don't move, Adam!" Tonya yells to get his attention, withdrawing her laser pistol.

"Hey, watch where you are aiming that thing, Tonya." Adam says concerned.

The blast whizzes past Adam and hits its intended mark--right in front of Tommy. The affected area becomes shiny and the sand retreats down to regroup. No longer on the offensive, Quick Sand restructures itself. It releases the guys and cages them inside four walls of sand.

"Trini?!?!?!" Billy catches a quick glimpse of the girl before his view is obstructed by sand.

"Trini?" the other guys repeat and look at each other.

Trini's teleportation site is lucky. Between herself and the heavy solar cannon, she takes out three of the Cogs.

"Oops, Going to have to work on my landings." she says facetiously.

"Let's do it!" Alex yells encouragement to her teammates. Tonya and Kat run to the spot where the solar cannon rests on the grass. They struggle to lift it. Alex clears her mind and pictures a bubble forming around the sand structure.

"What about the guys? What if the blast hurts them?" Kat says concerned.

Alex's mind conjures up images of Adam burning. Her eyes fly open. "I can't do it. What if the blast kills them?"

"Can you make a bubble inside of a bubble?" Trini suggests.

"Yes!" Alex speaks into her communicator, "Adam, you guys have to stand as close to each other as you can in the very center of the sand. Do NOT move!"

"What do you have planned, Alex?" Adam replies.

"No time to chat. Just do it!" Alex commands.

"Okay, Alex. We're ready."

"Hurry Alex, we can't hold this thing much longer." Tonya says between clenched teeth. Trini teleports out of the area.

Alex tries to conjure up the image but parts of Quick Sand keep slipping out of the bubble. Frustrated, she releases the bubble. She hears King Mondo laughing at her. She says a few choice words under her breath at him and begins again. She can picture the scene perfectly in her mind.

"Now." she says calmly.

"Finally." Kat says in relief and pushes the red button. The two girls stumble backwards slightly as the blinding white light shoots forth from the end of the cannon. Alex drops her outer bubble as the light hits Quick Sand.

Inside the sand creature, the guys have no idea what is going on. They can feel the temperature rising and sweat pours off their foreheads.

"Hold on, Adam." Alex says silently in her mind, concentrating on his face.

"Hold on, Alexandra." Adam sends his own silent encouragement, sure that she is the reason why he is safe.

Quick Sand soon begins to shine in the bright California sunshine--it is turning to glass. King Mondo realizes the female Rangers' scheme and looks around for Orbus to help out. He is greeted by a "Hiyah" and a small Asian girl flying through the air. Her foot hits Mondo's chest soundly, causing him to stumble backwards and to drop the Zeo Crystals.

"Drop something?" Trini asks sarcastically, swiftly picking up the crystals before Mondo's metal claws can. She places the crystals in her pocket and then draws her hands up. She stalks cautiously around King Mondo, baiting him.

"You are no match for me, girl. You're no Zeo Ranger." he says.

Trini continues to circle Mondo around until he is between her and the other girls, "Nope. I'm a Power Ranger."

"Nonsense. Their powers were destroyed."

"I may not have the costume but once a Power Ranger, always a Power Ranger." Trini continues to irritate King Mondo, to buy the other girls some time.

"I think that's it." Kat says. The pair place the solar cannon heavily onto the grass. Alex releases her mental image and collapses heavily to her knees--exhausted.

"We've got to work quickly. They probably don't have much oxygen left." Tonya figures.

"You rest, Alex. We'll take care of it." Kat suggests.

"I'll be fine...just a minute...need to catch my breath...clear my head...." Alex says between gulps of air.

"Wait. We need Trini's help to break the wall down. TRINI!" Tonya yells.

"Gotta fly!" Trini says to Mondo and then does a series of back flips out of his way. "NOW!" she yells.

Simultaneously, the girls charge the glass cage. Alex is left the closest side. Alex digs down deep into herself and calls upon her last reserves of energy. The park echoes with a "HIYAH!" as the girls kick the glass structure in unison. Alex's combined physical and mental kick is the one to start the fissure. The girls take a few steps back as the glass structure smashes. Alex places a mental shield around the guys to protect them from the shards. Then they remember that Trini is not protected by the Rangers' armor. Trini has already dropped to the ground, placing her arms protectively over her head. Tonya and Kat rush to stand in front of Trini to protect her from the blast. Alex takes the blast full force because she doesn't have the mental energy left to expand the shield to include herself. She hears the glass shards scraping her armor but none penetrates the specialized polymer.

Soon the maelstorm of glass dies down. Alex releases her mental shield and the guys are free. It is all she can do to remain standing. She is exhausted and her knees are weak from the physical strain. A flash of light temporarily blinds the Rangers, and King Mondo retreats back to the Machine Empire enraged that a bunch of girls have beaten him. Tonya and Kat race to the guys, inspecting them.

"Are you alright?" Kat goes to Tommy first, looking him over to make sure that he isn't bleeding anywhere.

"Kat, I'm fine." Tommy answers.

She doesn't seem convinced, and turns him around.

"Kat, " he repeats, this time taking her gloved hands into his own, "I'm fine, honestly."

Rocky lets out a sigh of relief. "That was too close. Thanks, guys."

"No problem. Nothing us ladies couldn't handle." Tonya says to Rocky and Adam, while throwing an arm around both. Billy walks past them.

"How did you do it?" Rocky wonders in awe.

"It's a long story." Tonya says and then turns to Adam, "I think someone else could use a little help now."

Adam smiles, glad that they are finally being able to make the transition back to being friends again. He walks towards Alex, who seems to be frozen in a pile of glass shards. Alex glances around. Seeing that the coast is clear, she unmorphs back into her regular state. Adam wraps his arms around her tightly and whispers, "Thank you."

Alex, who has been stoic throughout the entire ordeal, lets all of her emotions come tumbling out. "I was so scared for you. What if our plan hadn't worked? Or I couldn't keep my focus? Or you burned up from the heat of the solar cannon? Or the glass shards..." Alex continues to catastrophize.

"Shh." Adam says, placing his index finger to her lips, "I'm fine. You see." He stretches his hands out to his sides and inspects them. Alex throws her arms around him anyway.

Billy quickly walks over to the area where Trini is.

"Trini?" Billy says, still not convinced of what he thought he saw. Trini uncovers her head and looks up--her hair a mess. She gives him a weak smile.

"Long time, no see." Trini says.

"It has been a long time." Billy says, offering her a hand off the ground. Both look at each other awkwardly.

"So many things have changed." Trini says. Zordon had told her that Billy was no longer an active Ranger. Now that she had returned, would he think that she was a threat to his spot on the team?

"Yeah. They have. We have a lot of catching up to do." Billy says, breaking into a smile, "And a lot of reminicing. It is good to have you back, Trini."

"Thanks." she smiles back, "Now...will you please fill me in on what happened to Kim? And since when did we have a Purple Ranger? Back in the old days...." The two former teammates resume their friendship where they left off.

The friends reconvene at the Youth Center. Trini is practicing a new kata with the girls, just as the guys arrive. The four heroines move across the mat in perfect unison. A small crowd forms at one side.

"I wouldn't want to meet up with the four of THEM in a dark alley." someone says loudly.

"I don't think that King Mondo wants to anymore, either." Rocky comments softly to the guys and they nod in agreement.

The girls are startled by the sudden burst of applause as their kata finishes. They smile uncomfortably and look at each other.

"Hey, Ernie!" Billy says as the group convenes at their regular table, "A round of 'Peach Passions', please--on me."

"What's the occasion?" Alex asks.

"In honor of Trini's homecoming and to you four kicking Mondo's butt." Billy explains.

"You guys were really awesome." Tommy complements.

"It seems like all your private lessons with me paid off." Adam teases Alex.

"Yeah, right." Alex teases back, placing her hands on her hips and rolling her eyes at him.

"You know that I think you're great." Adam replies back, giving Alex a hug.

"And don't you forget it." Tonya says to their surprise. She gives Alex a friendly smile. Alex has finally gained Tonya's respect and she is grateful.

"We couldn't have done it without Trini." Kat says to her new friend.

"Hey, it wasn't just me, you know. You guys were the real heroines." Trini demures. Everyone falls silent as Ernie delivers the drinks. Once he is gone, Alex begins.

"A toast." she says while raising her glass, "Here's to 'Thinking Pink.'"

"What?!?!" the guys say confused.

"To 'Thinking Pink!'" the rest of the girls chant and take a large gulp. The guys shrug their shoulders, still lost.

Tommy scoots his chair a little closer to Kat's.

"Um.. Kat. I was um...wondering if you would like to be my date for the big dance on Friday night?" Tommy asks nervously.

"No." Kat answers.

"No?!?!" Tommy says, taken completely off guard. All of the guys are surprised.

"Trini, Tonya, Alex and I have decided to make Friday 'Ladies Night Out.'" Kat explains and the guys look bewildered, "We'll see you at the dance though."

"And prepare to be wowed." Tonya teases, smoothing her hair, "Shawn will."

"Yeah." Alex adds, "I noticed that he has been staring at you since we arrived today."

"I know." Tonya adds cockily.

"And Veronica doesn't look too happy about it." Kat adds with a laugh.

Tonya gives her friends a devilish grin.

"So, wait a minute." Adam says, suddenly confused, "That means I don't have a date for the dance?"

"Yep." Alex replies.

"But I thought you were my girlfriend?" Adam asks.

"I am." Alex says confidently and then changes the subject, "Talking about 'Thinking Pink,' I suddenly have the urge to do Tommy's kata. Care to do it with me, Adam?" Alex asks innocently and winks at the other girls. They know exactly what is about to happen.


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