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 Tanya Sloan

Name: Tanya Sloan
From: U.S., though raised in Africa.
Introduced: In "Hogday Afternoon, Pt 2".  She rescued Aisha from a sick lion.
Became a ranger: After returning Aisha's Zeo sub crystal to the Command Center.
Replaced by: Ashley Hammond.
Personality: Bold, conscientious.
Hobbies and Skills: Singing, baseball.
Romance: Dated Shawn, but they broke up due to his arrogance.

  Nakia Burrise

D.O.B.: 21st October
From: San Diego and Stockton, California
Siblings: Two brothers
Hobbies and Skills:  singing and dancing.
Resume: TV: "Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers", "Power Rangers Zeo", "Power Rangers Turbo",  "Smart Guy",  "Under Wraps" (TV Movie)
Film: "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie"
On careers
"Pursue your dreams and NEVER let anyone interfere, or tell you that you can't do it. No one should ever take away another person's dream"
Quick Facts:
Her favourite episode of Power Rangers was "Song Sung Yellow"
She attended UCLA's School of Theater

Some information taken from: Nakia Burrise On-Line: The Official Website