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 Zack Taylor

Name: Zack Taylor.
D.O.B.: 3rd May.
Also Known As: Black Power Ranger.
From: Michigan.
Family: One cousin, Curtis.
Introduced: In "Day of the Dumpster".  Was first seen sparring with Jason.
Became a Power Ranger: After being chosen by Zordon.
Replaced by: Adam Park.  Zack left to attend a peace conference.
Personality: Cheerful, friendly, optimistic.
Hobbies and Skills: Martial arts, hip-hop kido, magic tricks.
Romance: Angela.

 Walter Jones

Name: Walter Emanuel Jones.
D.O.B.: 30th November, 1970.
From: Detroit, Michigan.
Hobbies and Skills: scuba diving and water skiing.
Resume: TV: "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers", "Space Cases", "Malibu Shores", "Family Matters", "Step by Step".
On being a Power Ranger:

     "Someday when I have kids, they can tell their friends that their dad used to be a superhero."

Quick Facts:
He has a degree in Musical Theatre.
Walter's mom would show pictures of him to strangers on buses.